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2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata


2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata

If you like the Toyota Camry, you’ll love the Camry in its hybrid form. The Camry has spent years at the top of American bestseller lists. That’s because Toyota has repeatedly balanced what makes the Camry Hybrid so desirable with excellent new features. The newest model is no exception. If you’re looking for a 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata, then now’s your time.

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid Efficiency

The central feature of the Camry Hybrid is gas mileage. You’ll be making fewer stops for gas thanks to an mpg of 40 city/38 highway and a power output of 200 horsepower—higher than the comparable standard engine’s 178 horsepower thanks to the additional work of the electric engines. Acceleration is swift and purposeful. The hybrid engines are fascinating. They seamlessly combine electric- and gas-powered engines to provide a smooth ride throughout different driving conditions. The Camry Hybrid’s gas engine and one of two electric engines drive the front wheels; the second electric engine turns the rear wheels. The car’s computer helps maximize energy consumption by attenuating engine use for different speeds and conditions.

Design of the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata

The 2016 Camry Hybrid perfects the substantial redesign of last year’s model. The sporty lines have been tweaked ever so slightly to expose even sleeker lines. The new model also has re-invigorated suspension and wider profile. There is also tweaked restyling of the instrument panel and other interior features. With a 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata you can also enjoy integration of Apple’s Siri hands-free audio experience. There are six fashionable exterior colors to choose from and two levels of trim, the LE and the SE. The 2016 Camry Hybrid has a smooth and responsive ride that is exceptionally quiet thanks to Toyota’s commitment to offer Toyota drivers the quietest ride possible to offset today’s vast array of environmental and road noise. The cabin is also more comfortable thanks to improved seat cushions. Not only is the interior comfortable, the instruments are accessible and easy to use. The Camry Hybrid is also rated well in safety tests and is equipped with features to protect you in case you are in a vulnerable position.

Our staff is skilled in the art of choosing the best car for your needs. If you’re looking for a 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid for Sale near Ephrata, we will take the time to listen and make certain you leave with the best possible solution for your transportation and driving needs. We are very accessible and will work around your schedule. We look forward to speaking with you. Visit Bud Clary Toyota of Yakima today at 2230 Longfibre Road in Union Gap.

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